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      Please help me & pray that Our Good Jesus touches Maizle Costa and heal her from all hurts, pains caused emotionally, & feelings from rejections,unforgiveness & resentment that she has towards me!! Ask Jesus to cleanse her from all the negativities dat she has for me by the precious blood… Oh Jesus I love Maizle please come into our hearts, mend & fix our broken hearts & our relationship which is in darkness!!! Please Lord please have your mercy on us & put a light into our relationship!! Help Maizle Lord to feel her love again for me, help her to realise her mistakes too.. Please Jesus please fill us with your love through your Holy Spirit. Fill me with your understanding & patience Lord and change me to a good man, she has lost hopes of me changing & never wants to come back to me, please come into my heart & change my life Lord…! O HOLY CROSS OF JESUS PLEASE HAVE YOUR MERCY ON US AND ANSWER MY PRAYERS.. I CAN’T DO DIS WITHOUT YOU O LORD… INCREASE YOUR FAITH IN ME!!! PLEASE JESUS HELP MAIZLE TO HAVE HOPES & TO RENEW HER LOVE FOR ME WHICH SHE HAS LOST… HELP ME JESUS!! AMEN AMEN AMEN

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