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      Christian Kruger

      Good day,

      I would like ask for a prophetic word for the situation I am in currently.

      Christian kruger

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      Akuamoah Boateng Derrick

      Please I need prayers
      Please in September 2018,God used a prophet to prophesy unto my life that in 2020, I’ll travel to Canada to study medicine but I feel weak and it seems like all doors are closed
      I really need help in prayers.please alert me when you lift up that prayer so that I can join
      Thank you

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      Hi Christian, Here is your personal prophetic word…it is time to seek the Lord. You can start here

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      Ajiboye Bello

      Good day,

      I seek your kind assistance for personal prophecy as I want to know what God is saying concerning my life and His direction for me.

      I really need His guide

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      Emily Harrigan


      Asking that you would pray for me been going through a lot in my life. Please email me thank you 🙂

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      Felix Bhembe

      I would like a personal pardon of prophecy. I’ve been going through a very challenging period in my life with the bank even looking to take home.

      Desperately need a sense of direction.

      I live in Johannesburg South Africa

      In Christ


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      Janet Ampadu

      I need a prophetic word over my future

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      Janet Ampadu

      I need a prophetic word over my future
      I feel all doors are closed

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      Maria I Oramas

      I have been called to new an Evangelist and God told me to preach seven sermons for 7 days but Iam doing then in Spanish and English simultaneously and it was hard. I felt discouraged today.

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      Hi Christian,
      It is great to get a prophetic word at times but I have found that the time I spend in a quiet place with God lifting my petitions to Him and waiting on Him has served me very well. I hear clearly from God and often He will give me scripture to confirm what He has spoken to me. When someone prophesies over me, I always take it to God and ask Him if this aligns with His will for my life. Spend some time in praise and worship and The Lord will speak to you. Recently some people spoke prophetically over me and it was from the flesh rather than God and I didn’t get a witness in my spirit and after praying, The Lord revealed in His word that it was not from Him so I cut those words off. Bless you

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      I need to no about my financial situation and my purpose/my calling for life

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      Hi Saints

      I would like to know if I will ever find a woman of my life. When this will happen, and what action is required from me, to fulfil this prophecy and need.

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      Samarpit Mohanty

      I am Samarpit from Odisha, India.
      I need an urgent word from the Lord over my future ministry career.

      Thank you,
      God bless..

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      Wendy Ghekis

      Please pray for me as I need guidance to find a job. I know it is Gods will for me to work and provide for my family. I suffer fro severe lack of self motivation and feel a lack of self worth. I have also been praying for a spouse ( a man of God). Please can I have a prophetic word? Thank you

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      Chioma Okeke

      I request a prophecy from God

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      Angie Brumfield

      I want a prophetic word for my self.

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      Andjela Lucic

      I need word from god.I am born 17 april 1994 at 8 am in niksic in montenegro.

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      I need personal prophecy

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      I need personal prophecy from angels or god

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      Francis Bonongwe

      I need a personal prophetic word

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      Greetings from Mumbai (India) in the matchless name of Jesus Christ,

      I am earnestly praying for shifting my residence from our current location to another location (in Mumbai) by disposing off our present apartment. I have been praying since 2016. However, I consider God the Father is the owner of our house and only He can take us out from this place. Please pray that He would bring the right person to me who will offer the best price for the apartment and also a hassle-free transaction would take place.

      I have been also praying for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be manifested in my life in accordance with the God’s Calling and an upward growth in my relationship the Lord.

      With best regards,
      Benny Mathew

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      I request for a personal prophecy concerning my future in terms of a marriage partner, finances and my health. Thank you.

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      God told me change is coming as he does every year since the start of my spiritual journey. just curious as to watch to look forward to this upcoming year

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      Please prophet:I need a prophetic word over my life for this season.

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      Please prophet:I need a prophetic word for my life for this season.

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      Michael Raben

      Dear Sir,
      Can I request a personal prophecy. I would like to find something else in life to do. I look, but I have not found anything. I look, off an on, especially when I get a little down. I live in Jakarta Indonesia, but I am from the USA (Illinois).
      Michael Raben

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