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      hi i would like to have prayer for theres 2 doctors that want to force me to take medical injections for they say i am paranoid schizophren and needs to be treated for it, they dont see the truth that i am well and can live without the medication, i shared gods word to people and when i was finished i parked my car at the road side to take a break(on the right side with warning lights flashing and parking brake so car wouldnt move) and went out to search for god then people called the cops and the cops drove me to a mental institution and now they dont want to release me from it they twisted the reports and said i was going against traffic and that i am hazardous for others and for myself too , so now i am stuck in the hospital and can only have some hours leave from it i have appealed 2 times this far in court but they didnt approve it,they rather belive the twisted reports and the doctors that want to drug me down,i have agreed to take pills in hoping they will be satisfied and leave me alone but even though i am good without it,but they want to force me injections and wont release me until i have agreed with them so its a stand still i wont agree with injections and i have agreed to take pills but that dont seems enough for them , its 2 unbelieving doctors that see all christians as sick and needs treatment and want to drug us down,i know god wants to do good things through us to others where theres is sick people but its enough i dont want to be locked in a mental institution anymore so please pray for me that i will be released and out from that place and that the doctors dont try give me diagnoses thats not true just becasue they have the right to put a diagnose on the people /thanks in advance Zoltan

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