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      pray for the double amputee neighbor working poor, evicted, sleeping in car freezing weather. Pray God will help him decide the right option and put angels in his path. Pray God will soften landlord heart. Pray all information will be viewed by Neighbor in early 60’s. Pray he will not loose all his furniture. Pray he will get subsided rental per disability HUD section 8 or appropriate benefits if he decides to ask for them Pray for a rapid tax refund check with appropriate credits. Pray he will get sleep and not loose his job. Pray for his ability to make sound decisions given the weather. Pray he will get hot food, shelter, basic toiletries. Pray all legal aid or social services people will be willing to intervene immediately. Pray God will protect me for giving all information and landlord will not come after me. Pray God will cut soulties between me and him.He went to social services and they told him do not qualify for rental assistance, disability, or utility help. Every church or ministry contacted never called or attempted to give me any information. Scorned by churches and ministries I ask God to move in another way. My humanitarian approach does not work. American taxpayers and christians will pay when he looses his job because no one helped him remain independent. I am not rich I only gave out of compassion to keep him working. Pray family member or family friend, social worker will assist.

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      God has someone, people that will come to help him. We are praying that God will open your eyes and his eyes to see that there is a source where he can get help. May your eyes be open to that source. We pray doors be open. And, that God will bless you for faithfully standing with this person through his trial. Keep being the good Samaritan.

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      I pray that god heals my heart of the pain I feel for my daughter father he has hurt me so much mentality, emotionally not only me but also my daughter I pray for a change in his life that he could look for the Lord and become a better person,father,son and that god removed all of the negative people that is making him go against me and my daughter I believe in the Lord and I know with my Faith that I have with god he will change ..

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      Praying for you and your daughter Isabel

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      brittney snell

      Hello i am getting evicted in a couple days. I dont know were i will be this christmas. This season has been super hard for us. My mom lost her job she is struggling so much right now. She was a caregiver and he passed away from cancer a month ago. i am 18 year old girl i live with my older sister she has 2 baby girls one is 7 and one is 2. I have no idea where i am going or what will happen i dont have a job or any money. Please pray for my situation

      Thank you, Brittney snell

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