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      please pray for my children and my grandchildren. I really need help. My daughter is in a cult, she will not listen to us. her daddy told her off and told her to quick embrassing the family go to the country somewere and don’t come back. Then found out that he has this girl the same age as our children he has a baby by her now. My daughters are devastated he is sixty three the girl is 20 My family is laughing at me, Our other daughters is devastated our grandchildren are devastated, But everybody else is laughting at us. Found out my oldest daughter husband had a baby by her friend,I feel like a fool we were suppose to get married. Almost 29years we had been on an off. I don’t know how God is going to fix this our other daughter got with a guy who is 35years older than her and he uses her. Her daddy does not say anything to him because he saw him with this kid. Please pray for me it is hard my daughter has gotten deeper in the cult they are the only ones she fool with I am not aloud in her life. I want a life and just like usually I carry the burden of everything. I want to fall in love again. I don’t know if that is possible if you are over weight and have a lot wrong with you. My children daddy told me that I have one foot in the grave. they cut my hours at work my car is starting to mess up on me. I am alone I am afraid. please pray for us please pray I want have to depend on him to get my car fix are help me in anyway. That is how he controls us.. That is what he wanted for us to be depended on him. I want to be and my children to be financially secure were we want have to have these type of people in our lives. Please pray I and our children will get a better car are new one. Buy a house of our on. Get off the meds, Wisdom, Decernment, Find valuable people in our lives and find some one who is worthy to love for my children all so every attack from the enemy Would Be Non in void every attack will be sent back to hell that is attacking us. We will finally be financially, Be healed from mental sickness what people have in flicked on us. Nothing but love will prevail, I get to receive my ex-husband retirement very soon. And my children daddy will have to pay me back child support he never payed also for the other women he got pregnant and did not help raise the kids. secure God Bless You In All You Do!

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