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      Lovee O.

      Join me to thank God for his faithfulness.

      Since 2011, when I graduated from college, I have been trying to find a job. I have a few jobs a few times, usually far below my qualifications. By 2016, I have studied and gotten my masters degree, but was still unemployed. Each time I found a position I liked, and applied for it, I will dream of myself in either my secondary school or in the house where I lived when I was in secondary school, and boom! They will not move on with my application. After these have happened for some time, I discerned that my continuous rejection was not unconnected with the dreams about my past that I was having. I continued to pray and pray, fasted, sow seeds, did all I knew but to no avail. It seemed like God was not going to answer me. Then, I took up a call center job with a company in Georgia. Again, I was underemployed. The cheque was not enough for my child’s daycare and other necessities. After nine months on the job, I could no longer take it. I quitted and moved to live with my friend in another city. I continued to pray in tears; asking God what he wanted me to do with myself.
      Toward the end of December last year, I decided to check the internet for a fasting program to start 2019, and found Missionaries of Prayers. I signed up and joined the fasting; and was receiving the monthly prophetic words. I tried to follow the prophetic instruction, but before I knew it, I was not following completely. I realized and went back to pray the prayers as directed by MOP. Some how, things continued to change for me. I continued to get interviews. Eventually, I started my knew job in July this year with a great company. I actually got two offers, and settled for the one the Lord preferred for me. I currently make more than two times what I was making in the call center. I have awesome benefits including tuition assistance should I want to further study. Now I am able to pay for my apartment and all my immediate expensis. I am very greatful to God for his faithful, for seeing my tears and wiping them. Thank you MOP for letting God use you to reach his people.

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      Wow! Now that is a testimony! Thank you so much for sharing. God is faithful and when we follow His instructions He does reward us. He really does. There are many prophetic words out there with no instructions. There are few times when we are not required to do anything but I have found that in most cases God does require us to do something. Not to earn the word, but to show that we believe it and therefore we receive it. The word says if we receive the prophet we will receive the prophet’s reward (Mark 10:41-42). Receiving the prophet is basically receiving the word, including the instructions and doing them.

      Thanks again for sharing. Blessings

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      Praise God for that awesome testimony!

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      To God be the glory. I went through something quite similar to where everytime i apply for a job i would see instead of a job i would see my old apartment and would not get any call or email and if i did they would go with some else now i went on a fast and prayed on this many times and see me exiting the apartment but coming back but this coming year i finally saw me coming out and not going back at this point, i believe i have been delivered from that. it’s just now when i ask God what is going on after being rejected from the last job i felt like he said “wait” so I’m not sure how to go about things.

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