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How are you? Are you still employed? You need to break this spirit off of you. The right hand is the hand of power (do a word search of the bible online for “right hand” this will show you what the right hand does), it makes decisions, this is the money making hand. I feel the enemy has launched and attack on your finances and will continue to do so until you take action.

You saw the snake coming from a pile of dead leaves and other dead snakes and this says that you thought this was an issue already dealt with, but it is not. You missed something when those things died off, do you know what it is that you thought was over and it is not? Ask God to reveal it to you.

It traveled towards you and you did nothing, it shows your passivity in the spirit. So something is going on in your life now and instead of attacking it in the spirit you are taking a laid back let’s wait and see attitude and it won’t end well.

It broke through the screen that means that what you thought is there to protect you will not. Your husband stood by and let it happen as well. The question is, did you see you husband’s face in the dream? Was it really him? Maybe that was a familiar spirit and not really your husband.

You need to pray spiritual warfare prayers to protect yourself and your finances. Here are some prayers that you need to pray to keep yourself covered.