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Kristin Castro

Thank you for your interpretation. But, i would just like to state that I’m not pregnant and I’ve NEVER had an abortion nor would I have one. I’ve have two beautiful baby boys and my husband and I are waiting for the right time to have another baby. We are praying for a baby girl but also thought about adoption.

Typically, God has given me dreams about pregnancy and babies whenever he was getting ready to birth something in me (an idea, a ministry, a new job) etc. My dad just died of chirrosis of the liver and I asked God to help me reach people with addictions by having a center that would have Christian counseling and transitional housing. Right after asking this I had that dream. I was trying to determine if this dream was God’s way of saying that although I was pregnant with this vision fulfilling it now could possibly kill me (spiritually and emotionally) since I need to grieve and work through issues… I just wanted to see if someone could confirm what I was feeling.