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This is a beautiful dream Thais. The man in the dream is Jesus. He is going to open a door for you for ministry to teenagers. He flinched when you touched his side because that is where he was pierced.

He is going to bring these teenagers into your life supernaturally, hence they are falling from the sky. The ones that will appear to be more difficult than others He will personally take over which means that you only need to pray that He takes over in those moments.

All I get from the slim waist is that this is where the Belt of Truth rests, this is a part of the Armor of God. Tells me that He is going to give you specific scriptures and instructions on how to run this ministry and manage these children. This is why you were coveting a similar waist. You need to ask Him for the guiding scriptures to your ministry.

He’s also telling you to remember that at moments he will be the one carrying you through this journey. Stay close to him. You will develop a very deep and intimate relationship with him.

So beautiful!

Have you read our article on intimacy with God? This will be a good place to start. Blessings!