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Hi! I just read all their dreams about tornado, and i want to share my dream too.
I dreamt it last year 2017.

It looks like that it is already end times, we where having this project that i don’t know with my church mates, Katz, Jewel and Krisha. We are planning to go somewhere for our project, but I stop and saw tornadoes coming, but it is not windy. And i hurried and asked them to ride away to a safe place. And i came back to the building like a hotel where you can see at the veranda the tornadoes, and i saw a water falls from afar in a green 2 tall rock. The water falls is in the middle of the 2 green rocks. The tornadoes keep adding, and i saw a pillar fire or i think a fire tornadoes. I said need to get something in the room and i told my Dad and Unkle to go down and go to a safe olace. In the room i got my laptop and other things, but i stopped. I asked myself if do i need to get these staffs? And then i woke up..