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sal a chillemi

The lord has promised me a wife, now I have seen the lady a few times but we did not connect first it was because I was frightened and then I was always missing the opportunity.

Most recently at the church I attend I asked for prayer for a wife and described that the lord has someone for me. So I got prayer. The following Sunday I had to go to my job for a staff meeting, and when I left for church I saw the lady driving away from my church, apparently she attended the first service and I always attend the second service. I was taken back to tears. This has been going on for six years.

I don’t know her name, have an idea about where she lives, but am anxious and concerned that I have always blown it and worried that I will never marry again. I am 64 been divorced 24 years. Want so much to be married and serve the lord in a greater capacity, but here I am 42 years saved working as a counselor in a foster home with adults, and no wife………….please ask God to answer me, bring me my God moment, provide another opportunity, Thank you