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Robert Tom

Thanks Everyone for your prayers.. I certainly need as many as I can get

This last year has been a whirlwind.. this is several requests
but I do appreciate your help.. here it goes:

1. Since my wife had committed adultery and filed for divorce (almost done),
it has affected my daughters Rebekah / Deborah (teenagers) in bad way.
Please pray that they come back to God and to me and for their healing… they are staying at the
house with my soon to be ex-wife.

2. I have been unemployed for almost a year now– even though I’ve applied
to over hundreds of companies…, (I believe that God
is allowing this to happen for protection, because my wife wants a big alimony settlement. But then I think God may want
me to do something else for a living… I don’t know yet)..

3. I am finding it hard to rent a room these days, please pray that God gives me shelter by June 1st.

4. Finally, I planning to move forward and get remarried… this time to a godly Woman… please pray that God
grants me one and that He will be the center of our lives and not the marriage.

Through all of these hardships, they are a blessing. Yet
God is good all of the time!

In Christ, Robert