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Julie Govender

Dear all,my dreams are as follows,this happened a week ago, the 1st dream: i am on my way home from work on my regular route but this time i see a figure ahead of me waiting for me on the road, i can see it is not human, so i decide to avoide it but which ever lane i try to move it moves with me, eventually i start to pray and as i pass the spirit it does not touch me or my car. SO I continue to drive, i then see in the sky above my car a whole lot of black creatures flying right at me, instantly i put my hand out of the window and call upon Jesus and pray, the creature by pass me and just continue like they didn’t see me.

So my second dream last night was: i was in a open area looks like a deserted road, and all of a sudden 100s of black birds come toward me to attack, i just pray and say Jesus’s name over and over. Now this is going on for hours i can feel my body and mind giving up with exhaustion, as this happens i suddenly wake up in fear.