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Sylvia Bazan

I recently had a dream about I believe were seven thin tornadoes up in the sky to the left front of my ex-in-laws home. I was on their porch as the wind was blowing in one direction. I went into the house to let others know what was coming, but I also wanted to feel the wind blow, so I went out for a brief moment and missed the big gust of it. Went inside and came out the back door as trying to get everyone into the garage for safety. Then realized it had passed. Went back to the porch and I heard someone say look, pointing to the right side in the sky to where the tornadoes had gone. As I looked, I saw them way up in the sky still formed as tornadoes, but they were wrapped in rainbow colors and looked amazingly beautiful and I smiled. Then I heard someone say look. So I turn to look at the opposite direction from where at first were the tornadoes and behold I saw something coming out of the cloud or clouds. I saw a beautiful city made of gold, so I grabbed my phone to take a picture of it, but as I looked into my phone, it seemed to have gotten bigger on my phone and I could see how everything was gold and marvelous and then I awoke. I’m not sure what to make of it all.