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I am not sure if anyone is still looking at this, but I have been having dreams about multiple tornadoes dropping down from the sky. The first one happened a couple of weeks ago. My daughter (she is 18) and I were traveling through Kansas (I know, Dorothy/Toto). We were at my husbands family vacation farmhouse, and we couldn’t get to the farmhouse, so we pulled over in a ditch. I laid on top of her to protect her. Then the tornado came and picked me up. I shouted to her to pray for God’s protection. Then the tornado gently set me back down.

Then we were back in Dallas, driving through downtown, again, trying to escape multiple tornadoes that kept dropping down from the sky. Then the tornado came down, almost arm-like, and picked up the car. Again, I shouted to my daughter to pray for God’s protection. Then the tornado set the car back down. Then we were on foot, looking for shelter in a building, and ended up in my office building (which is about 20 miles from the city). But she was not 18 anymore..she was about 5, and I had picked her up, and was running with her, and found cover under a desk. A friend of mine that I haven’t seen for over a year showed up under the same desk. There was glass flying, and I had cuts on my hands, but nothing else.

The last dream was a couple of nights ago, again, with my daughter and tornadoes, although I do not remember much detail, other than we were running from them, and also had volcanoes erupting, and we had to watch where we stepped to not touch the lava.

It all sounds so crazy, but the back story is that when my daughter was 10, I was involved with a man, and I went down the wrong path. I had a drug problem, and essentially, her father had primary custody. I didn’t have a relationship with my daughter again until just over a year ago (Christmas of 2016). She is now a freshman in college, and has a very solid foundation in her faith. This is something that we have shared on occasion, and I have recently become more involved in church. So I am wondering if this is all connected somehow?