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R.A.Enrique Ortiz

[Part 1]
Serpents are representative of deception and satanic powers. They hide in isolated places. Monitor there victims then attack. (they can attack through a person or in dreams) They aim to Steal part of your life or kill, or destroy you if possible.

[Part 2]
“Fear not for I am with thy”
“You have the power to tread on snakes and scorpions. nothing by any means shall harm you.”

[Part 3]
The dog is a representation of a christian who has fallen away from the faith. Who was born again, but went back to there old ways.

[Part 4]
The huge snake is the spirit of python.
The Python Spirit = creates false burdens, overwhelms or swallows up blessings

The enemy has two attack plans against you.
1)first, to try and take your joy. but this will fail and you will warn people about this person or thing.
2)second, he will try to distract you from your path by placing a back-slide christian that you are going to want to help, but it is a trap from the enemy to steal your blessings and create a overwhelming burdens in your life.