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I had a dream of tornadoes all my life. New one was about USA I was on gas stadion typical in USA texas therr was all Sand. Typical american texas gas stadion. All People SO happy and pracefully treating others. SuDdenly I See a Hubert tornado everything on horyzon. All People was looking for same place to hide.There was a family Old couple That looking like marrage. They were waiting for tornado sitting and taking each other hand. I asked them do They have any underground shelter, They shacke heads meaning no.. Think They were Scarred but They live a long time, They Just had no place to hide. There were a Huge gargantous place for machines and There were a something like underground shelter but IT was ony couple wooden desek. SO I and same People we hide There waiting for tornado. IT Comes and IT took all the building off but before this i sow Animall wonts to hide where we was somebody open the Windows let them in, They were looking Best place to hide Where the tornado took off the whole building the fundaments IT was something like small place in the ground we get in IT and the tornado took some ground and IT buts the ground on US then we know-how That tornado was gone we was all covered in the ground but we survive. think the couple was dead but not sure There was also a helikopter with two FAT ladies in IT but i thougt They wont take me cause if I am going to Get in IT IT wont fly and we all will die SO They Just fly out alone There were also a man looking for son on field but the son doesent Look like he wonna live.. Just his faber was affraid of his life..