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I dream almost every time I sleep. I log 30-40 dreams and visions a month for 8 months now.i say that because it made me really press in to God for interpretation.

I have learned that dreams, just like dreams, prophesies, visions and parables are highly symbolic. They require prayer and digging deep to seek the meaning. Consider that your mom appearing in the dream is a representation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter, Advocate and counsellor. The word mom often means that as well. Think of babies as new Life. A new good thing that has come.

If we plug in those symbolisms then you were shown that the Holy Spirit is with you and prays with you. That the Holy Spirit is teaching you to how to pray and to call on the name of Jesus. God wants you to know that He is right there with you. Right next to you and hears every word you say, think and feel. He wants you to know that angels guard you too and that you are never alone. He is showing you how beloved you are to Him and wooing you deeper. He is giving you comfort too.

Be blessed Sister!