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Father in heaven, you know and see the needs and desires of your son. I ask that you continue to give him understanding, clarity, revelation, and insight about this season of his life. I pray he seek your face so that he may experience the reassurance, peace, and strength to wait on and look to you. Grant him repentance where it is needed, and may his heart be surrendered to your good, pleasing and perfect will. I pray as he waits on and looks to you that you protect his mind from any lies, deceit and or distortion that may seek to ensnare or distract him from your way and will. I pray you comfort and console him in his moments of doubt or frustration and that your joy, favor and grace sustain him. May holiness, truth, righteousness and faithfulness be his portion and may he overcome every temptation and take the way out that you give. In Jesus name, Amen