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In the dream I was flying — it was surprising at first, but I felt a sense of having power (think Superman when he’s off to save someone). That’s kind of how I felt, like I had power. As I’m flying and marveling at what I’m seeing, the head of a witch tried to attach itself to my hand. I knew immediately it was a witch (it was only the head) but I started trying to shake it off of me as I was flying. This thing would not be thrown off and kept trying to grip my hand tighter so I landed and proceeded to kill this witch and watched her head roll.

Then the scene switched and I’m in a house (feels like my house) and my brother is there moving things around, I felt somewhat irritated by this and asked him why are you moving stuff? He accidently scratched a wall and I could see the mark and started asking why are you in my house? I remember seeing a $1 bill in a drawer I was fumbling with and seeing a basement (I didn’t know I had) with a flimsy door and a some storage down the steps. Then I saw a bag (I wasn’t sure if it was mine or something I’d given to my mom). I held it up, it was tan and embroidered on the top was, “Earnest & Young”. Then my grandson shows up, seems like he’s just coming down from a nap and his pull up was filled to the point where he was trailing urine… my mom asked me to change him and we went upstairs (I’m thinking, what did this kid drink). 😂

Then I felt like I accidentally fell asleep, when I woke up I went into the baby’s room (my brother was there) and I asked him did he get changed — he said yes, and I recall a TV playing that my brother and him were watching.

Then I woke up.

When I woke up and I’m sitting in bed trying to understand what it all meant, within 3 mins my mom called me saying she had a strange dream.

Then she tells me her best friend who has passed on named Renee was in her dream. She had started a candle business, and had a new apartment — things were going well for her and she suddenly had a nervous break down because she felt she had been used by her men her whole life and was no longer a young woman. No one would help her so my mom offered her help, and they began looking for her, but no one could find her… then she saw an altar.

For some reason when she told me, I couldn’t help but think the dreams were somehow connected.