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Wileen Badger

Heavenly Father, your word declares that you desire your children to prosper and be in health, and that healing is your children bread. So I come to you now in behalf of JOSHUA, who needs to be healed of his sickness that is effecting his body and mind.
Lord God, you have declared yourself to be the God who heals, and you send your son, Jesus Christ, our Great Physician, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I thank you that He healed all who was brought to Him. Your word assures me that He took our infirmities and carried our sickness and by His strip we were healed.
Therefore, I claim these wonderful promises of healing for Joshua. Send healing to him on the wings of your Spirit, Lord.
You send you word and it heals and delivers from destruction. I pray that Joshua will give attention to your word in this time of need and incline his ear unto your sayings. Help him not to let your word depart from his eyes and to keep them in the mist of his heart, for I know they will be life to him and health to all his flesh.
I ask that Joshua would bless you, O God, with all his soul and not forget all your benefits to him. Remind him of your promise to forgive all his iniquities and heal all his diseases. Thank you, Father, that you redeem his life from destruction and crown him with your loving kindness and tender mercies.
Loving Father, impart to Joshua the faith that will make him well. I claim the promise of your word that, as I pray in faith for him, you would raise him up to wholeness.
Thank you, mighty God, for your exceeding great power toward Joshua, the same power which raised Christ from the dead, is now at work by your Spirit, is quickening and is bring life and wholeness to Joshua body.
I praise you, Father, for the confidence I have in you that you heard and will answer my prayer.