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Jehovah Shammah, you are there. We praise you for being a God who goes before us and never leaves or abandons us. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and atonement so we can be free, forgiven and walk in righteousness. Glory be to you for your love and faithfulness. Lord, we acknowledge that you know all things and see all things. We ask that Jackie hear, receive and know your way, your wisdom and your truth as she makes decisions and as she looks to you. We pray for clarity, favor, deliverance, strength, provision and peace as she chooses a school, buys a home and seeks stability at work. We pray that as she seeks first your kingdom and righteousness that everything will be added to her because you do not lie. We pray that her children receive healing, comfort, protection and peace as they grow. We pray they know you and have a heart for you and the truth. We pray for Spirit led people to walk alongside them and encourage them. We pray for strengthening and hope. We pray for a home that will meet Jackie’s needs and be a place of rest and comfort. We pray joy, peace and contentment be her portion. We pray Jackie’s life be a testimony of your goodness, grace and truth. In Jesus name, Amen