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Hello Valerie,

You were attracted to this car, it is a personal vehicle, so it is related to your personal life. Whatever it is, this thing is attracting your attention but even though you are attracted to it, it is not going anywhere. This means whatever the car represents is a dead end. To further indicate that this is a bad thing there is a snake, which means deception, so the car is deceiving. This deception looks like it is harmless but it is not. It is still alive and ready to attack you. There is someone mocking you, because they know that you are attracted to this car and they also know that you are being deceived because of your attraction to it. You turn your back to this person and then they attack you.

I am picking up strongly that the car represents a person. Ask God to show you who that person is. There is some deception going on with that person and if you believe they are harmless, they are not. You need to handle them with caution. Ask the Lord about this.

The enemy was a snake in the garden of Eden that Eve thought was harmless and he stole their future and the future of humanity. If it were not for the blood of Jesus, that deception would take us straight to hell.

Praying the Lord gives you wisdom on it.