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Hello Maureen,

Thank you for sharing this with us. I don’t think it is a dream, rather something that happened in waking life. Is this correct? I don’t think the colours of the stools are significant. Perhaps, the black made the pattern obvious to see vs had it appeared on your brown stool. God wanted you to “see” it 🙂 I believe this is related to your eagle visions, lol!

Anyway it made me smile when I saw your post. I, too, saw a sliver of rainbow colours on a very odd spot on my wall, this VERY morning as I was going up the stairs. I looked around and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and just smiled and remembered the promise as well. I decided to get my camera and capture and share it with others. By the time I came back and positioned myself in front, mind you had ample time to capture it, it disappeared! It was almost as if the Lord said “No, my child this is just for you.” As I type I remember a very interesting phenomenon that happened about two weeks ago on the weekend. I decided to attend a celebration of heritage day in my province and it is highly recommended to take public transport (even though I have a vehicle) because of traffic hold-ups. That day was full of grace after grace. As much as I wanted to pay my way on the metro each way, strangers either paid for me (or offered0 or I was asked not to. Anyway, on my way to the destination, I took the metro. Before I boarded a lady walked in front of me with a rainbow sign on her blouse and a slogan saying “We are Human too” or something to that effect and I thought that it may be related to Pride movement. I boarded the metro wearing sunglasses. I then noticed that I could see rainbows on the window to my left and then it hit me and I wondered, “Is that really there?” I took off my glasses but couldn’t see the pattern. I looked behind me at the other windows but didn’t see the same pattern. I put my glasses on and there again, were the rainbow pattern. I thought I was going to get whiplash looking at my window and others,lol1 What happened today with me being unable to capture the pattern on my camera and that incident of perhaps only me seeing the rainbow patterns on the windows reminds me that some encounters may just be for us, to “see” only.