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Destiny M

Hi hi,I had what I am nit sure if to call a dream this is the 3rd time this week that the sane thing is happening to me. At around the same hour a heavy spirit comes on me and I’d just want to sleep I can’t avoid the feeling to sleep. And immediately I saw myself with Nathaniel Bassey,Victoria and 2 other men I do not know but I paid attension Nathaniel’s trumpet was quite big,then Victoria followed and mine was the smallest and they were gold. Immediately a sound arose and we all blew these trumpets am not sure who 1st blew but I followed as they did and the song was Dunsin Oyekan song Stand on the gap for our generation. This experience takes not more than 30 mins and I’d be up. 3 days before around same time the same heaviness came upon me and I saw a map for my city,then nation,then Africa and expanded to the whole world,I heard I sought for a man. Then I got up. 3 days before had another long one I can’t express it’s long but same heaviness came upon me and my spirit left my body past through the 2nd heavens and I heard possess the gates then I saw a lion come toward me and he roared I Am 3 times. I saw a hands holding both my hands to my womb and I heard a sound bang which I thought was in my living room but it wasn’t the sound was The Time is now song by Ada. Kindly help me understand these experiences and what the heaviness is about