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Ruth Glorioso

I was in a building in a room that was beautiful with very tall ceilings & my husband was with me. I was standing on a mosaic tile in the middle of the room waiting to be called, as I was pregnant & waiting for confirmation. We both(husband&I)knew I was pregnant but wanted this confirmation. My husband was standing to my left, off the mosaic tile & said hexwould go in with me, however, I told him I wanted to go in by myself & would come out & tell him the results. He was fine with that. While I was waiting to be called, a friend of mine came up to me & said come with me I want to show you domething,we went in this room & there were 8 children not older than age 12 & a woman sitting by the door who was the mother,however,she had a very old appearance. She smiled at me but not say anything. The children looked concerned that I was there, but when I started talking to them, their faces looked relieved. I don’t know what I said to them, but then I woke up.