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Dear Mayra

Please ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to give you the correct interpretation. He is the only One Who can guide you and highlight what is from Him.

1ste part: The boat represents your life and/life journey. Even when the waters are calm and your daughter is able to swim freely, she is aware of the dolphin. The dolphin represents the resurrection in Christian art. It represents being in a state of spiritual alertness even in a time of rest. (Matt.24:22) In the natural dolphins have to be aware of their breathing and have to order their bodies to do so – unlike humans. Rest is essential because they spend much time hunting for food. When dolphins sleep, they turn off half their brain while the other half is attentive to breathing and willing to undertake flight in the presence of undesirable presence. I believe your alterness and the awareness of the Holy Spirit will guide you on your journey.

2nd part: A facial speaks represents a closeness. The Hebrew meaning of face means presence, surface, front, before & countenace. The scripture that comes to mind is 1 Chronicles 16:1 look to the Lord and his strength, seek his face always .. James 4:8 Come near to God and He will come near to you… Ps.119:135 Make your face shine upon your servant and teach me your decrees.

The presence of the Lord provides much joy. In His presence He will teach you His ways, in the process there is repentance and the laying down of what is not from Him. To be transformed into His image and His heart for you – a perfect and comfortable fit.

Much blessings