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Abba Father, I thank you for life, peace and love you have for Priscilla and I thank you for forgiving Priscilla for adultery and cleansing her in your blood as you receive the sacrifice of a repentant heart and for her to come publicly confessing her sin, thank you that her sins are forgiven because of you blood and word over her. Lord also, forgive her father leading her the wrong way for he does not know what he is doing to his daughter. Free them and cleanse them in you blood from all sins know and unknown.
Thank you that your have free her from her guilt and send help and guidance according to psalm 25 that state that you will make he knows your way and yeah her your paths and lead her in your truth and teach her for you are the God of her salvation, in and psalm 121 where you said that the sun will not strike her at noonday nor the moon by night. Thank you answering this prayer for her and bringing back under your covering in Jesus name.