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You are welcome, Dan! May Yahweh Alone be praised! Two thoughts that came to mind for your consideration:

1) Be careful who prays or anoints you. I’m not asking you to be paranoid rather be Spirit-led!

2)Deliverance ministry comes in MANY forms. One of them can actually be dream counselling.

I believe that as God uses one to help others understand their dreams and they act accordingly to the counsel, that is a form of deliverance as well! Finally, I just want to share something personal in that context. Someone once mentioned that deliverance ministry could be counselling of some sort and not necessarily that of casting out demons. Ask the Lord for clarity as it pertains to what/form your deliverance ministry will entail. As I write, I’m literally reminded of a dream that I had yesterday of me being outside and saw two small weird animals and unknown someone that appeared familiar. One of the creatures honestly looked liked it had the body of a miniature rhino/hippo but the face wasn’t the classic form of said animals- the other a white kitten/or teen cat. Somehow, I felt they were humans. As I looked closer they did start manifesting and I was sure they were humans in an animal bodies. I started praying casting out demons, “saying die…” The former swelled up and blew up (exploded), the kitten was swelling up to explode (as I started say “die kitty…” or something to that effect) but before it did the female started saying something about my hair was woo-woo. I started saying that I was not and cautioning about saying such things as I’m a child of God and what God created is good. It was almost as if she started manifesting to something else. I woke up wondering what on earth that was all about!
Later that day, in waking life, I was on a Zoom call. One of the individuals reminded me of the hipo like creature (this individual has some interesting practices/intuitive readings or so it is called). On a later Zoom call, someone described me as woo-woo and I cautioned her and decided to hear her perspective of what she deemed to be woo-woo. I had described myself as looking at the holistic (physical, mental, social, cultural, spiritual) domains of the human being as I practice from an individual and organizational perspective. It was much later after the Zoom calls that I sort of recalled my dream and felt that I might have to keep my distance from the two individuals (and/or pray seriously for them) and now wondering who the kitten represented. I’m sure yourself and others may be wondering what type of Zoom calls these are and where I met these people, lol! The former was an author forum event. She had tried to get to know me better in the past and offered to do online “readings” for potential clients and had declined because I didn’t want to introduce such practices at my retreat as I was a Christ-follower and particular about the spiritual practices. The second was at a “Meet and Greet” with an individual that I believe that I had met previously met at a speaker/coach online event.
I share all that to say that I thought my deliverance ministry was through dream interpretation/counselling alone but here I am beginning to do interesting things in my dreams!

I hope something shared here is food for thought 🙂