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Hello Dan,

Thank you for elaborating and providing your perspective. I had a closer look at the original submission, post elaboration, and I feel led to share the following below. As usual, please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

The dream might also be suggesting that your Mum has an underlying anxiety and it is imperative for you to understand why. This anxiety might be manifested as a symptom or tip of the iceberg(in your words ‘people pleasing’), but as we know, what lies underneath the water, that is, the bottom of the iceberg (aka ? anxiety)is more dangerous. My concern is that your Mum might be feeling a bit unheard. I’m not sure what your usual relationship with your Mum is but she is trying to “reach you” (telephone call) and may feel that either you don’t take her seriously or that you mock her (you laughing- this might also depend on if it was a mocking/incredulous/nonchalant laugh, etc.). This might be a generational gap effect or her feeling inadequate of not being well-versed in modern/foreign issues (? technology, manifested as the aliens). She might feel that the modern day things are overwhelming (choking), “dragging” her and she needs your help. The spray of mist in the dream is significant and ask what colour it was.
I suggest that you have a candid conversation with your Mum about what may be causing her anxiety and fear in general and you might be surprised what else might manifest, in terms of other long-standing issues. The key is that you are choice for an attempt to communicate. Something is coming, in the future and the sooner she can express herself, the better. Don’t let her down 🙂