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Hello Daniel,

Thank you for sharing. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

The following excerpt “We all met up in a hotel, but after a little while, they left and the whole place was empty except for a silver metal ruler on the ground that I picked up. I went out to the parking lot of the hotel and they were all in a truck ignoring me, and the driver was the angry black teenager/kid. They had a really small ugly dog that followed me through the parking lot” is about YOU!!!

You need to measure grace (silver ruler) to who these kids represent in your waking life. Don’t park (parking lot) in the hurt of the betrayal/hurt and/or carry it around with you (might be represented by the little dog). This too shall pass (temporary location-hotel). The parties in waking life that might have caused you the hurt have moved on (hotel-also represents temporary location)but you need to let go and measure grace. Note, that they left the hotel. May the God of justice give you grace to surrender everything into His Hands.

Betrayal hurts but resentment and bitterness will hurt more and prevent you from entering into God’s best and destiny for you (Hebrews 12:15). I speak from experience, sadly. I recommend reading Psalm 37 in the Names of God version (available on the online biblegateway)and your eyes not only will be opened but you will be pleasantly surprised and encouraged as well 🙂 Also remember old testament Joseph Genesis 37. Don’t let any of this hinder the exaltation/promotion that is coming.