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God Bless you Cha’Von.

*The Eagle is the Lord Jesus Christ showing you His Glory and that He is returning soon.
Watch for Him!!

* The set is “Complete”.
Nothing else is needed for Him to return and we will mount up as the wings of Eagles.

*The bear was just a distraction from the enemy to try and get you to run away from the Lord.
But you all realized he can not harm you.
And you put your focus back on the Lord..

Great dream!!

God bless you on your journey with the Lord.
Please ask Him for the interpretation.
He will reveal it to you.
Always remember that The Lord God Almighty gives us dreams.. They are to bring us closer to Him. It’s how he speaks to us individualy. Sometimes he has to speak in dreams because we aren’t listening when we are awake or we stay too busy.. Dreams are just the beginning for you.
Enjoy the ride. With dreams like that I believe He has alot to say to you!