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Leaving a friends unit through the dirt floor shed and I was on the left and the shed was clear of things, nothing in the shed, was very wide and spacious. There were lots of large playing cards on the dusty ground but they were at least twice the size. They had a traditional blue and white pattern on the back of the cards. All the cards were face down and spread out so that none were touching. No card was touching and the top was shaped at an angle with the right side shorter than the left side, not the normal 90 degree corners. Initially, my friend thought they looked like they had been dropped. She suggested they would get wet if it rained and I bent over to start picking them up.

My friend said upon reflection, the cards were spread out in a grid formation, not touching and believes this is significant and believes the blue and white traditional covering of the cards relates to a person that I know, his favourite colour and to do with his age.