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Also, I have one quick question. Can symbols and colors (signs from God) be interpreted the same in the natural as they can in dreams? Ever since I have started walking with intent to write down my dreams and interpret them, people have started bringing up their dreams and signs from God. Almost as God was guiding me to teach them how to write them down or seek answers as to how God was trying to talk to them. One of the topics was a sign from God while they were at a stop light thinking about a decision on buying a house, and a butterfly purposefully stopped in front of their windshield at the stop light, stared directly at both people in the car (enough to where it got both of their attention – and they thought, this is weird), and then immediately afterwards they got a call from the realtor saying their loan is approved. It was a yellow butterfly, which I know can mean hope. But can we translate these signs the same way as in our dreams?