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This is a desperate prayer request to you saints. I’ve been trusting God to reveal His Promise to me which He said years ago. He said He is taking me to a land of His Promise. My prayer is may this Word come to pass NOW in Jesus Christ Name as I’ve been waiting and trusting the Lord for this promise. I know I’m not supposed to be in my counteroffer birth at the moment but in the land of my promise,I ask this promise to be fulfilled. I pray that the Lord who is all knowing,all powerful may answer my prayer and let it manifest. I need to go so I can serve Him, and Him .Alone. My assignment is to tell the Jewish people that Yeshua is their Messiah. He is a Covenant keeping God. May the Lord show up now. God bless you as you intercede for me. I believe so much before the end of this year, I would have moved to the land of my promise. Amen!! In Yeshua’s Name.