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Hello td,

Thank you for sharing your husband’s dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

First your comment “Yet 24 would represent the ender wisdom, I understand 7 means completion, I hole maybe some day Nicole could do more indebtedness of dream interpretations for us or symbols we can discern meaning of” has been noted and it is a good comment and question. I like to say that dream interpretation is 1% skill and 99% revelation. That’s my own statistics. There is value in learning the meanings of elements, symbols, colours, numbers and so on but the learning must be from a reliable, Holy Spirit breathed-source otherwise one will be confused. The colours/numbers also have positive and negative meanings and one really needs the Spirit of God to guide you to interpret accurately. Some school of thoughts disagree with my statements above but I’m convinced. Having said that, after one has accessed such a resource as mentioned above, the meanings of elements, symbols, numbers, etc may change depending on the context of a dream, hence where revelation comes in. Context is IMPERATIVE.

I feel that the #24 in the context of your dream does not represent the usual meaning of what #24 might represent metaphorically/biblically rather it is a time frame of 2 years (i.e., 12×2). The number 7 however is biblical in the context of your dream meaning completion. What I sense is that it would be time for a “baby” to be “born” after two years. This “baby” may or not have been a bone of contention between your husband and yourself but you’ve decided to wait 2 years for something. You may or not know already what this “baby” represents. However, YOU need to celebrate each month and have/find joy until the two years is up.