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Hi Tsitsi, based on this dream it appears that you are more closer in your relationship with the Lord than your husband is. You are the one that is leading the relationship spiritually. That’s why you got the keys. You also left him behind and got on the bus yourself. Even though you moved ahead you are still distracted because you missed the stop.

The part about the baby can have 2 meanings an only you can decide which one is correct.

1. Your husband is the baby, he is also the distraction and the person that is keeping you from having a closer relationship with the Lord. The fact that he is wearing pink is not good because he is neither white as snow or red and covered under the blood of Jesus. He is pink which indicates sin.

2. The baby is your own sin or stronghold that you won’t let go of that is holding you back from what God requires of you. Again the pink says that it is sin. And this sin is what will make you miss the bus stop (what God has for you)

Also notice that because you got distracted and now have the baby you start operating in your flesh or by your own strength. You see this in that you are no longer traveling in the bus driven by the Holy Spirit but now you are walking.

So you may need to go through some deep repentance and ask the Lord to show you what you are holding on to that you need to let go of.

Each of these symbols mean something completely different when looked at individually; however, the context in which they appear here are all negative.

Hope this helps.

God Bless You