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I had a dream that I was at the doctors. The room was full of black desks and it was pretty much empty (looked like a class room like in a university), then the doctor gave me a check up. I told him my lower back hurted sometimes and he told me to go for a blood check. Then other colleagues of his entered the room, they all looked young and every one was dressed in white. then most of them left, but a woman doctor stayed. she started talking with my doctor that was also young and dressed in white, and told him that I was beautiful. Then they both turned to me and the woman physician asked me what I was doing in life. As i replied that i am currently studying a bachelor degree to become an elementary school teacher, the both looked at each other and smiled. I felt like i was missing something, like maybe there is more to it. Then as i turned and looked through the window I saw a woman entering the ER, she was in a bed. ON the street two children were left alone.

that’s all, blessings to you.