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Lord of heaven and earth! King of glory! We approach you today in aw of your love, grace, truth, kindness and power. I stand in agreement with Judith and ask that you deliver her from any and all spirits of control, fear and or anxiety. We ask that you destroy and demolish every argument that sets itself up against the knowledge of you. We bind the enemies influence and interference and we loose clarity, peace, wisdom, repentance and praise. We thank you for the deliverance, guidance and restoration you will provide as we know you are a faithful, loving, holy and righteous Father who sees, hears and fights for us. We pray for Judith’s children that you would soften, protect and align their hearts to holy, godly things/qualities and that the blood of Jesus cover all childish decisions and expressions that lead them astray. We ask for them to know you deeper and make you Lord of their lives. We pray for unity, agreement and oneness in Judith’s household. Shut the mouth of the enemy and realign this family so they are thinking, speaking, acting in ways that glorify you. We ask this in your name, Amen.