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Hello Chrissy, you are correct! The first thing you need to do is sever soul ties with him. This will disconnect you from him in the spirit realm. While you may not physically be with him if you did not cut those soul ties you are still connected to him in the spirit.

Here is a prayer that will take care of that.

The next thing I discern from your dream is a spirit of rejection. If he imparted this spirit on you, then whenever you dream about him it may not actually be him but the spirit of rejection manifesting as him in your dreams. Which means shortly after those dreams you were rejected for something – a job, a promotion, credit applications. Think back to when you had dreams of him if you were actually in the process of waiting for approval on something and it didn’t work out.

You need to cut and bind the spirit of rejection, in the name of Jesus. Denounce all ties to that spirit. Now you reject the spirit of rejection. I know it sounds funny but you need to make it very clear out of your own mouth that spirit is no longer welcome in your presence.

I know one thing for sure, if you do these 2 things you will no longer see him in your dreams. If you do see him after several months in your dream that is just God telling you that the spirit of rejection is lurking around and you need to bind rejection and loose approval, in Jesus name, Amen.