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Dear Missionaries Of Prayer family,
I come to you today humbly seeking prayer for my businesses. I most recently launched an online business (clothing boutique and accessories) and am seeking financial provisions for business expenses, and for new streams of capital to sustain and maintain the my new business. I am praying also for daily sales growth and that God will lay His hand upon my business and will Multiply the customer exposure and sales. As a new e-commerce site business owners are literally competing with hundred of thousands/millions of other online businesses. So I am praying that my small little start up will capture the attention of millions and that my sales will grow exponentially right now in the name of Jesus! I’m praying that I learn all of the ins and outs of how to manage the website so that every aspect of the site is optimized and working to the fullest capacity toward growing my audience and growing sales on my behalf to reach the masses.
Finally, I pray that the spirit of fear, worry, and confusion will flee and that those thoughts will be replaced with new creativity, witty ideas, and brand new godly vision that inspires and enhances the lives of others. I am seeking the Holy Spirit to move mightily, and expediently on my behalf in these areas of my life and business. Amen