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Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today, on behalf of Enelecy’s prayer request to be released from the spirit of delay! Father God, restore their sense of hopelessness, with your peace. Restore their frustration with a sense of your hope and understanding. Please let them know, Jesus , that you were in control and are always working on their behalf even when it feels as though no one is there, no one understands, and no one is helping you were there, Father God. Please bring support as only you can, let them feel the movement within their lives of things coming together and allow them to see the evidence of their hard-work and labor. Let them understand that all good things take time and that you’re delayal doesn’t necessarily mean a denial. It just may mean that they are not quite ready for everything that you are doing Mighty God in their life. Give them understanding and reassurance that great things do take time care and attention to detail and that you are the master artist. Father God please restore Enelecy’s hope, and renew, in them a new spirit of energy, joy and hope. In Jesus name I pray Amen!