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Shalom my house,
I first want to speak the peace of God in your life, by declaring over you right now that you are no longer under any condemnation for we who are in Christ Jesus, but the devil is. I pray that you are released from condemnation in Jesus name and be free from your sin in Jesus mighty name. I ask that every door that has been opened in your life that is giving the enemy access to your emotions, family, life be shut today in Jesus name. For every door that Jesus opened no one can shut and every door he close no one can open. May every door Jesus has not opened in your life be shut and every door that has been shut be opened in Jesus mighty name.
I pray our Abba Father gives you the grace to behold his beloved son, listen to him, wait on him and obey him, so in his timing your freedom will come to you speedily by the same spirit that raised Jesus from the grave, will raise your mortal body to life by his blood, word and spirit, in Jesus name I pray. Remember God is faithful and God loves us very much, for his love for us cannot be measured, so dont allow the devil to make you feel bad for falling. As long as you repent and ask for his forgiveness, he forgave you long time ago at the cross and remember this in dining with him often in communion and proclaim this over your situation for you to receive peace. Communion helped me a lot when I faced the same condemnation and attack on the mind. Keep on renewing your mind with his words, if you are unable to read his word, put on audio and listen to it at night or when you are driving. May he send his messenger to your help, as your help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth, he will not allow your foot to be moved. Lord, you are this persons refuge and fortress, keep him or her there till the storm pass away in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus for you mercy, grace and love you are showing on this person for your name same. Amen.