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In the dream, there was a big mango tree which bear both the local and foreign mango fruits. Some of the mangoes were fully ripped, some partly ripped and others not ripped. So I went out to try and get a mango, but couldn’t get the one I aimed for because the branches were a little high. As I stood there thinking of what to do, a wind blew and brought down the branch and I got my mango. It was very big and partly ripped. As I carried the mango into the house, something pricked it and I got the opportunity to see inside of it, it was rotten and stinks so bad. I got to the room and saw a colleague who had also plugged a smaller mango and was enjoying it. I decided to take the one I plugged out and go for another one but immediately a voice told me I can’t go for another, I have to stay with what I have. I can wash inside the mango to get rid of the smell but it can never have the taste of a normal mango but I can manage it and I was very sad and woke up.