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I pray this helps🙏🏾
The 1st Part

It seems you were sent out to spend time with God ( Emmanuel) and he has equip you to operate at a higher level in the spirit a governing level that exposes darkness within the church. The pastor was not happy at first possibly because of the assignment you came with.
But he knew it was time for you to arrive.

2nd Part

The overview is you are being called to a higher level in the church. You were in the balcony which is higher in the spiritual
Realm. The pastor coming up is representing God or Pastor in real life selecting you. It could also represent the Pastor needing to come to higher spiritual levels( not sure on that part)

But God is calling you out of hiding it is time to
Use your testimony to deliver the people from
Demons and darkness. The enemy is forming a circle of spirits to try to attack or discourage you (the group of women) Also, false prophets who were the 3 women with spirits of lust. These are possibly people around you seeking glory and operating under a jezebel spirit. Though the enemy may try God is stepping in to protect you because he has chosen you
And no one will stand in the way. When you open your mouth the glory of the Lord will begin to pour out over the people. You were brought to that location for elevation and
A release over the Atmosphere and God/Pastor is well pleased. The woman is one of Gods servants telling you that it is your time to elevate to that position of authority in the church.