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Betty Bruce

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. I kindly want to share a dream I had last night for a clear understanding. I saw myself worshipping with my family out side of our house. Then there was this man who stood by me, and as I lifted up my hands to worship God, all of a sudden, I saw this same man in the skies with a beautiful wings and a golden trumpet and as he blew the trumpet towards the direction of the sun, the sun shined in it strength and there was radiant of light everywhere, then he disappeared. As soon as he disappeared, I kept on watching the sun, then I saw a small cloud formed in the skies right at the sun, which covered a little region of the sun and as I kept on looking there was a thick cloud which covered the skies in a twinkle of a seconds and I shouted, ” everybody run to the room, there is going to be a heavy down pour of rain”.