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Ruth Ekara

On 30th June 2022, (last day of praying and fasting) I saw myself in a dream playing with 3 babies and taking care of them. They were laid out on a platform, just outside the area overlooking the mall.
I already had appointment with my friends and was waiting for them so we could hang out at the mall; but they changed their minds and diverted somewhere else. Not hearing from them, I called and they said I should come and meet them at the new spot.
Anyway I declined mainly because of these 3 babies that were in my care, going to check them at intervals while waiting for their mothers to come and relieve me. I don’t even know their mothers, necessity was just laid on me to look after them and that stopped me from even bordering to meet my friends.
P:S the dream didn’t quite put a face to my friends… in real life, I don’t really have much friends, but I have a very happy balanced life within workplace(I work in church tv station of a global ministry), family and church. Thank you.