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Ben & Mayra! Thank you. You both have a prophetic gift and thanks for sharing it.

Ben, I believe God is telling you that you have a gift and you need to use it. You have the mouth of a prophet and you need to use it. You were able to tell one tornado to stop and it did. So a bigger one came, don’t run. Speak to it. Tell it to stop like the first one and it will. The person with you was God. The trees are not the enemy, you are protected but God wants you to know that you are not to run. There is no part of the armor of God that covers the back (Ephesians 6). That’s because we are not to retreat. We speak to the storms of life and they MUST obey the word of the Lord spoken through the prophet.

Use your authority! God has already confirmed through your dreams that you are both prophetic. Whether or not you are in a church that believes and teaches on the prophetic, it doesn’t matter because God has already confirmed that you both are!

You are both Seers. Study up on it. The more you use it the more He’ll start using you in that area for the body of Christ.

Be blessed!