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I believe I know the meaning to my dream(s) but I’ll share anyway.

Throughout my life I’ve had various tornado dreams but they’re more frequent when I’m far from God, backslidden and doing what I ought not. These dreams end with the tornado closing in and me waking up, often sweating, heart pounding, with the immediate waking inclination that I need to repent and turn back to Christ while there is still time. Obviously I take this seriously since it’s frightening.

I’ve been making an effort to seek the Kingdom lately and things have been changing.

The most recent tornado dream was very different. I did not get overtaken by the tornado, and I joined my wife in the basement. I saw it coming out the window and judged the distance. But, I had to grab all the things I held dear and bring them to safety in the basement with me first. Then take a drink of pop because I was thirsty. Basically doing every last minute thing trying to squeeze the time like an orange. Foolish, or wise? This I don’t know. My inclination was that I “made it” but I still felt the need to “save” all my important earthly things, as if they were idols. But perhaps I was trying to “redeem the time”?

Either way, I’m glad I made it. But I may have things I need to work on. In the next dream, I hope I make better time. Maybe I’ll save some neighbors too.