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T. Moore

Blessings All,

I pray all is well.

I received the full interpretation of my dream today. I have to trust my own gifting:-). The gift of interpretation is fairly new to me.

Interpretation: I need to fast for three days (I won’t say when for obvious reasons) and take communion all three days to get the revelation on where the gold is. Apparently, there are 3 streams of income that the Lord will reveal to me and has already been preparing me to receive. I will be used to tremendously bless the Body of Christ financially.

Honestly, with all that I have gone through. I would never have thought I would receive this kind of Word. I was/am praying and believing God to get married and have children. I guess I was hoping that dream would answer my marriage desire!LOL!! I will still wait for my answer on that:-)
And obey God on these instruction as I believe more revelation will come out of it.

Please pray for me as I pray for you all.
If anyone gets anymore Godly insight on this dream please share:-).